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Child Ear Muff Comparison Chart
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Destiny, 2 Years Old, Wearing Child Ear MuffsWe generally recommend ear muffs for babies and children because they are safer, easier to use and more effective in the situations where kids need the ear protection. When we first began offering ear muffs for children and babies, there were few choices. Today, though, we offer a number of high quality ear muffs that are made specifically to fit babies and very young children. We have evaluated many children's ear muffs currently available that simply do not meet our standards for quality and effectiveness. If you are considering a brand we do not carry and would like to know our opinion on them before you buy, please do not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to tell you why they are not included in our store.

So, what do we look for in an ear muff for kids?

  1. A good NRR rating (20-26). Any lower and they may not provide the protection your little one needs. Any higher and your child may not be able to hear you speaking to them, resulting in a feeling of isolation.
  2. Good ear padding that will form an effective seal against your child’s head. The seal is critical to keep noise out. Even a tiny gap can allow dangerous amounts of noise to get into the child’s ears.
  3. A well-engineered design with no hard edges or corners. Simply holding and feeling of an ear muff, you can readily tell a quality product from a cheaply made one.
  4. Smooth, adjustable headband, preferably padded. Virtually all ear muffs are adjustable to fit a wide variety of head sizes, but some adjustments do not stay put. All of our ear muffs let you adjust the length of the headband and once you make the adjustment, the headband stays in place. Other, poorly made earmuffs adjust also, but they move too easily and let the headband press against the top of the head, causing discomfort.
  5. Proper clamping force. All noise protection ear muffs work by pressing the ear cups over the ears, to seal against the head. The pressure is applied by the headband. Too little pressure and the ear cups may not seal properly against the head. Too much and the ear muffs will be uncomfortable. For very young babies whose heads have not yet fully formed, the clamping force should be carefully considered. We recommend that you try on any ear muffs you get for your child to see how they feel on you. Since your head is almost certainly larger than that of your child, the clamping force will be less when the ear muffs are put on the child, but if it is really uncomfortably tight for you, it could be too tight for your child as well.

Remember, you know your child better than we ever could, so have confidence and use your own good judgment -- and try the handy chart below to help you choose.

NOTE: We offer discounted pricing for resellers and schools, and we accept purchase orders from schools. To see discounted pricing, please visit the product page of interest by clicking the product name below. Case quantities will be shown near the bottom of each product page. Contact us if you have questions: info@earplugstore.com


Product Picture Made in... Price NRR MRI Safe Style Weight Fits Babies Adjustable to Fit... Color Options Special Features
Peltor Kid Peltor Kid USA $10.00 22 No Fixed Headband 6.3 Ounces Yes 3 Months to Small Adult Pink or Blue Best selling ear muffs for babies over past 5 years. Designed for teens, but will fit a 3 month old and up.
Peltor Junior Peltor Junior USA $20.65, 5 for $96.40, 25 for $451.75 22 No Fixed Headband 6.2 Ounces Yes 3 Months to Small Adult Black Dru Brees' choice for his baby boy. Lightest Weight Baby Ear Muff! Designed for teens, but will fit a 3 month old and up.
Tasco Kidsafe Tasco Kidsafe USA $17.90, 5 for $83.55, 25 for $391.50 25 No Fixed Headband 7.3 Ounces Yes 3 Months to Small Adult Red w/ Yellow Trim Best value for the money: Heavily Padded Headband & Ear Pads, High NRR. Designed for Babies up to teens.
Alpine Muffy Alpine Muffy The Netherlands $24.99 22 SNR No Folding Headband 7.2 Ounces Yes 3 Months to Small Adult Pink, Blue, or White and Red Unique striped headband for a fun look. Folds for easy storage. Three colors to choose from.
Pro-Ears ReVO Pro-Ears ReVO USA $25.36 26 No Folding Headband 7.3 Ounces Yes 3 Months to Small Adult 15 Colors & Patterns Highest quality baby earmuffs: Extra Soft & Thick Real Leather Ear Pads and Padded Headband. 15 Color Choices! Designed for Babies up to teens.
MyTmuffs MyTmuffs China $11.95, 2 for $19.90, 10 for $80.00, 50 for $300.00 19 No Folding Headband 9.1 Ounces Yes 3 Months to Small Adult Pink or Blue

Most economical option available for a good baby earmuff. Folds for easy storage. Designed for Babies; will fit teens and small adults.

All of the child ear muffs we offer have been tried out by several of the mommies on our team with the babies and children in their lives, and we have sold thousands of these to people all over the world. You can read their testimonials and know that whatever product you choose, we are confident that you and your child will enjoy it. We have created the comparison chart to help you pick the ear muffs for your child that you like best, whatever your specific situation or preference may be. You can sort the table by clicking any of the headings.

Please let us know if you still have questions: info@earplugstore.com Thank you for shopping with us. Please like us on Facebook and tell your friends!

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